lunes, 3 de junio de 2013









Q: what can you tell us about the new album? 
A: it'll be called 'Going to Hell' comes out later this year

Q: how excited are you for the new tour? Love you so much you're my idol 
A: we'll be announcing Europe dates soon...

Q: what about America?
A: We'll also be announcing a massive U.S. tour later in the year, updates on 

Q: is going to hell the name of the new album?
A: yes, Going to Hell is the name of the new record 

Q: when the new album will be out ? 
A: later this year, lots of new music coming...

Q: will you come to Italy during the next tour? 
A: will be touring Europe hopefully later this summer...

Q: When's the new album, and why the delay? 
A: a lot of tragedies occurred during the recording of this record, but we made it through...

Q: When are you touring again?
A: we start tour later this summer

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