sábado, 27 de abril de 2013

When I call sometimes I wish you pick up,
but most days the call is declined.
It’s okay, I don’t give a fuck,
you outta sight, so you outta mind.
I'm doing alright know I’ma be fine,
I gotta few candidates standing in line.
Broke up before but I wasn’t like this,
not many regrets I wish I could rewind.
Damn. We both got our lives so it's no surprise ...
the Schedules conflict and we can’t coincide.
My heart's cold, feels like I got no insides.
We rushed it to the finish line, we should have took our time.
You make me crazy with rash decisions & sudden movements,
can’t even enjoy a moment or pay attention to it.
If I could try this shit again? Real shit I'd probably do it …
That's why it's hard to act like you someone I'm really through with.


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