miércoles, 27 de julio de 2011

Wildfox Swim II.

No me termina de gustar el diseño nuevo del blog, pero es lo que hay {? era esto o volver a la plantilla lindalinda pero sin comentarios. Eeeen fin, dije que iba a terminar de subir las fotos de Wildfox & con la muerte de amy me re colgé :( :

Go west Young Cowgirl
The story of a girl who loved roadtrips, roping cattle, and
wearin’ bikinis.
Introducing Wildfox Swimwear 2012
For quite some now, I have been working with gal pal's Emily & Kimberly, who also happen to be the master mindettes' behind my favorite kitch line, Wildfox. When the two informed me that swimwear was their next order of business, I knew I was the right guy for the wet-n-wild job!
Say 'howdy dude' to newcomer Anja Konstantinova! Our muse grabbed the bull by the horns and went from cowgirl to beach babe! The photo set depicts a Dollywood to Hollywood type story of a girl who loved road trips, ropin' cattle and feelin' as free as the United States in her bikini!

Pictures by: Mark Hunter (the Cobrasnake)
Model: Anja Konstantinova
Picture edit and styling by: Kimberley Gordon
Makeup By: Carlene K

Hair by: Anna Lee-Fiorino
Story by: Kimberley Gordon

Concept by: Emily Faulstich & Kimberley Gordon
Shoot managers: Jimmy Sommers, Meredith Leyerzaph

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Agustina dijo...

Wild fox tiene las mejores fotos para mi! Genial el blog, besos

~Coraline dijo...

Es buenísimo.